13.02.17 – at the hospital

Hi God,

so I am ill, I suppose you already know that but anyway I am. I have got this stupid virus and I need to sneeze all the time and my muscles ache and my joints hirt and I am so tired. please relieve me of some of this illness I really don’t need to be sick right now.

thank you for providing the opportunity to buy birthday cards so soon after realising that I needed to and thank you for the lovely lady running the stool. I ask for your healing for the person who is sick who she steppe din for at the last minute  – being ill is no fun.

thank you that the oncall vascular reg was so understanding about me not feeling well, I ask for your help in getting something done in the next 2 hours or so.

also please help Stanley have a positive experience for his first proper valentines day tomorrow. perhaps if you don’t mind I could have you as mine?

thank you for the visit of Anne and Hugh which is coming up.

I ask for your blessing on Katie today for her birthday, may she have a fruitful year both in he relationship with you and her mortal life.

I ask for your guidance in my journey regarding my sexuality, thank you for you love n me regardless of my actions and I hope that you might show me what you have planned for me and what journey is should take regarding my relationships.

I pray that you would help me come to know your son Jesus Christ and that I might come to a place where I can know him as my saviour. help me understand why it is that I am so afraid to believe in him.



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