09.02.17 – random stuff

so here is a few things going on in my life right now

  1. my elbow hurts so much, I bashed it against the wall yesterday quite hard (most definitely an accident) and I am pretty sure I bashed the nerve (it is the ulnar nerve right?) because certain movements bring on this pain like pulling at anything with less than 2 fingers even if the thing isn’t at all heavy or resistive and I don’t even move my elbow. I know I am supposed to be the medical student and all but diagnosis anyone?
  2. Iwas given on call registrar for my teaching this morning and completely fucked up using the bleep thing some kind lady had to do it for me and then when he rung back and answered the phone I was so confused by the male voice I was hearing next tot he caller ID of Miss that I said hello like 3 times I am pretty sure he thinks I am mental but I wont find out for 45 mins because he has paperwork to do so fingers crossed
  3. I went to one of the Cu events last night and they are great seriously i recommend them a lot also I met some really lovely girls from soul church there so that was nice
  4. I am supposed to be going to another one tonight which I am really looking forward to but I also need to pack for my trip home this weekend and write a letter to me new pen pal and change my bed sheets and do washing i mean seriously where do all the hours in the day go?
  5. and that brings me on to 5 I have a pen pal (does it count if we technically haven’t exchanged any letters yet?) I need to write to her tonight and get one on the way. she is from Essex university which is funny because my university and hers are supposed to be big rivals or something which is stupid but there you go we are ignoring it.
  6. I am so done with placement and yet I also am not – it is a very confusing place to be don’t judge me

okay thanks,

bye x

update on the on call registrar situation, I am now sitting awkwardly in the drs office of the ward waiting for him after having a very awkward chat with the vascular team about what I was going to do with my morning. fun fun fun. hopefully he turns up soon. honestly the bad part is that I cant even remember what he said his name was because of all the ‘hello’panic I previously mentioned and now I have to keep asking people for ‘the oncall vascular reg’ which is a little bit of a mouthful.


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